Terribly sad news about MCA today. @fidoz asked me if I wanted to compile a top 5 today in memory. My answer was “of course”. Beastie Boys are a huge part of my musical history. I wore out “Ill Communication” so much I had to purchase the CD several times. Also, narrowing it down to 5 is impossible, so trust I will miss what you love.

Sabrosa – Ill Communication

Brilliance. It’s really all I can say.


She’s Crafty – Licensed to Ill

Led Zeppelin sample makes for an awesome song. Lyrically hilarious.

Super Disco Breakin – Hello Nasty

First track wonderment.

Sabatoge – Ill Communication

the video is what made this song blow up. But that aside, it’s still played like whoa. Drop that opening line and you can find someone to finish it.

Rhymin’ and Stealin’ – Licensed to Ill

A get hype song. Versatility they have.


Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun – Paul’s Boutique

“I am like Clockwork Orange, going off on the town”