Every year Maxim releases it’s Hot Top 100 women of Hollywood. Everyone always has opinions about the list, but most of the time, I’m wondering where all these hot women are coming from and what they do in Hollywood to get on this list. I’ve learned that most are movie stars, many are professionally good looking, but there are quite a few who grace us avid television watchers with their presence. As an avid watcher of TV, I thought I’d lay out all the women on the list who currently star in a TV series. I only have one real snub, Katrina Bowden, who plays Cerie on 30 Rock.

As a disclaimer, I will say that I find everyone of these women beautiful. If I say something “negative,” it should not be taken in a way that comes across like I could do better in my personal life. Let’s celebrate the beauty. On to the list!

Olivia Munn (2) – Perfect Couples, Leigh: Seems a bit high at number 2. Maybe I’m tainted by the fact that she was on a show that had less viewers than The Paul Reiser Show.

Cobie Smulders (9) – How I Met Your Mother, Robin: I’ve only seen the first two seasons of Mother, but I never thought of Cobie as number 9 hot.

January Jones (12) – Mad Men, Betty: I have a special place in my heart for Ms. Jones. Even though I don’t so much like Betty, I do love me some January.

Kaley Cuoco (13) – The Big Bang Theory, Penny: I don’t watch Big Bang Theory. But I get it. Hot girl is friends with nerds. And yes, Kaley is hot, so at least the casting is right on this show.

Olivia Wilde (15) – House, Thirteen: Olvia Wilde is my personal number one. Ever since her days as Alex on The OC, then Alpha Dog? Yes. I can’t wait for Cowboys and Aliens and Butter.

Leighton Meester (16) – Gossip Girl, Blair: Another show I don’t watch, but I understand the appeal. Leighton is good looking, no doubt, but 16? Seems a little high.

Brittany Snow (23) – Harry’s Law, Jenna: If there was a graph that showed the disparity between hottest girls on the worst show, I’m thinking Brittany would win that in a runaway.

Sarah Shahi (24) – Fairly Legal, Kate: Honestly, I have no idea what this show is about. Based on the title and the pictures I think my imagination has probably created a better show.

Michelle Trachtenberg (27) – Gossip Girl, Georgina: This one confused me. I mean, she’s not ugly, not at all. Harriet the Spy sure has grown up.

Lea Michelle (28) – Glee, Rachel: I’m a huge Lea Michelle fan. That spread in GQ just confirmed all my “sneaky hot” predictions. Pus her ability to sing is a huge bonus.

Sofia Vergara (29) – Modern Family, Gloria: Not much to say here. A beautiful woman. Modern Family could stand to have her stir chocolate milk a little more often.

Evan Rachel Wood (31) – True Blood, Sophie-Anne: I’m not really on Team Evan Rachel Wood, so seeing her at 31 is much too high for me. Plus I didn’t think she was good on True Blood.

Emmy Rossum (32) – Shameless, Fiona: If you watched Shameless, you know just how hot Emmy Rossum is. She too has come along way since her breakout on Phantom of the Opera.

Dania Ramirez (33) – Entourage, Alex: I don’t watch Entourage and I’ve never really heard of this girl, but she sure is beautiful. So I’m ok with her on the list.

Rebecca Mader (39) – No Ordinary Family, Victoria: I’ll probably disagree with this more than any other one. I just don’t see the sexiness. Sure she’s pretty, but I’m just left feeling very, eh.

Naya Rivera (43) – Glee, Santana: Now we’re talking. I’ve been on the Naya Rivera train for a long time now, so it’s good to see her get some recognition.

Emmanuelle Chriqui (45) Entourage, Sloan: Maybe I should start watching Entourage? She also just guest starred on The Borgias this past week. Very sexy there too.

Beau Garrett (46) Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, Gina: This will undoubtedly be the only time I lay eyes on Beau Garrett as I will never watch one episode of this show. Too bad, she’s very attractive.

Odette Annable (47) – Breaking In, Melanie: Perhaps you know her as Odette Yustman, but whatever you know her as, you should probably just refer to her as gorgeous.

Alison Brie (49) – Community, Annie; Mad Men, Trudy: My personal number 2. She really did wonders for her stock after last weeks paintball episode. She was stunning as the Ace of Hearts.

Minka Kelly (52) – Parenthood, Gaby: Great looking girl. I wish she was a better actress. But hey, if she’s good enough for Jeets, she’s good enough for me.

Christina Hendricks (56) – Mad Men, Joan: She’s a polarizing one. The true definition of voluptuous. I’m not head over heels for her, but I recognize that some are, and I don’t blame them.

Grace Park (59) – Hawaii Five-0, Kono: Again, I’ll never watch the show, but Grace Park really does make you think it might be worth a glance.

Ana de la Reguera (63) – Eastbound and Down, Vida: She’s no Sofia Vergara, but then again, who is? She did very well on the show. She definitely sported a magnificent lower body.

Elisha Cuthbert (65) – Happy Endings, Alex: Got to give the girl credit, she has staying power. She stole my heart in 24 and The Girl Next Door. I wonder if there will be room for her costar Eliza Coupe on the next list.

Aly Michalka (66) – Hellcats, Marti: I’ve never seen Hellcats, but surely you can’t go wrong with a drama based around a dance squad. I have seen Easy A, and she is very good looking in that.

Anna Paquin (68) – True Blood, Sookie: I mean, she’s pretty sexy on True Blood, but I had a tough time finding a good picture that wasn’t from the show. Love her fake accent though.

Taylor Cole (71) – The Event, Vicky: I feel bad even calling The Event TV, but alas it airs. I’m guessing Taylor Cole is the best part of the show.

Laura Vandervoort (74) – Smallville, Kara; V, Lisa: I guess I’m way behind on the Vandervoort train since Smallville has been on since 1994, but I’m happy to finally have taken notice.

JWOWW (78) – Jersey Shore, Herself: Ugh. How to dignify this words. I won’t.

Danica McKellar (80) – The Wonder Years, Winnie: Technically, she’s not on TV right now, but she sure is an icon remaking herself. Good on you Winnie Cooper.

Paz De la Huerta (84) – Boardwalk Empire, Lucy: If you didn’t know, this girl is crazy. Like, wild. I think she’s plenty hot. Loved her in Boardwalk, but I couldn’t even get through Enter the Void. That movie was as crazy as she is.

Autumn Reeser (86) – No Ordinary Family, Katie: I have huge love for Autumn Reeser ever since she graced my TV screen as Taylor Townsend in The OC. Much respect for this pick.

Daniela Ruah (88) – NCIS: Los Angeles, Kensi: The only thing worse than NCIS is NCIS:Los Angeles. At least there’s a little eye candy in this one. And no, I’m not talking about Chris O’Donnell.

Lyndsy Fonseca (89) How I Met Your Mother, Daughter; Nikita, Alex: The CW is sure corning the market on young sexy girls. Weird seeing her like this after seeing the early seasons of Mother.

Serinda Swan – (95) Breakout King,s Erica: The show is ok, but Swan is top notch. She’s 95 this year, but I predict she makes an assent this next year.