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      I’m going on the record for this college football weekend slate of games. Here is who I’ll be rooting for this weekend. This is not necessarily who I think will win. In fact, in most cases they probably won’t but this is who I want to win. […]

        Here are my five characters mostly from summer shows that I hate. Each one gives me a different reason to hate them as well. Some of them are just poorly written and a few are so well written that I hate them because I’m supposed to […]

Top 5 Apocalypse WWI – Remember years ago when History Channel used to show really good war documentaries? Back before they only started running shows like Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Swamp People. Well Apocalypse WWI is one of those great war documentary series. WWI is where the seeds of WWII […]

Top 5 Rectify – Are you watching Rectify? Why are you not watching Rectify? You really should be watching Rectify. The Sundance Channel drama created by Ray McKinnon is easily one of the most outstanding shows on television. Now in its second season, the series revolves around Daniel Holden a […]

I’ve been trying to motivate myself to write something for months upon months now. I mentally write articles everyday but when it comes time to physically write them, I just can’t make my fingers hit the keys. Aside from a select few shows, television has been incredibly uninspiring this past […]

What We Will Be Watching Jusified “Ghosts” FX 9p – Tonight is the season finale. Raylan, Boyd and the Detroit mob face off over money and who gets Drew Thompson. New Girl “Cooler” Fox 8p – Yeah it’s a repeat but it’s a good repeat that features Brooklyn Decker and […]

  “I did what I had to do” – Carl Yes you did young Carl. Yes you did, and in a way so did The Walking Dead. Much like the backlash toward Lori finally drove the show runners to kill her off, I think the general disgust toward Andrea drove […]

  “You gotta play the hand you’re dealt……I only got one.” – Merle I was completely on board with the end product of tonight’s episode, but the process used to get there left a lot to be desired. I think Merle’s end was a fitting goodbye for his character. In […]

Chances are, if you watch TV, you’ve probably seen an episode of The Walking Dead or True Blood. They are two of the most popular shows, with very loyal followings. Both are sci-fi shows that rely on the characters to develop the stories and really it comes down to whether you prefer zombies […]

  “Time to go home Andrea” – The Governor So….what happens when everybody’s favorite zombie show becomes a slasher flick? Well, you get tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. If the goal tonight was to strip all the Governor’s humanity away and create a monster…….mission accomplished. I have a feeling […]

  “I just met you…..at least buy me a drink first.” – Herschel I enjoyed some of the dialogue that occurred in this episode, but overall I’m not sure it totally worked for me. We’ve spent much of this season establishing that Rick doesn’t trust anybody any longer, yet he […]

  “The mat said welcome….” – Michonne Whenever I talk to fans of this show, one of the first things nearly everybody brings up is, “Do you think they’ll ever bring back the black dude (Morgan) from episode 1? Do you think he and his son lived?” Well, tonight’s stellar […]

  “You chose a warm bed over a friend.” – Michonne This was one of those Walking Dead episodes that barely contained zombies, but still made you sit on the edge of your seat. Some really good stuff happened to advance the story tonight, and we got a lot of […]

It’s a few hours before Oscar night where the Academy will hand out the awards for the year’s top films. It seems appropriate for me to tell you my top films of the year. This isn’t a “best films” list. These are the 16 movies that I enjoyed the most. […]

It’s that time.  The closest Oscar Race I can remember is coming to a close on Sunday as we’ll find out the winners of the 85th Annual Academy Awards. Normally, they’re relatively easy to predict. But using similar methods as previous to predict this year would be foolish. The whole […]

  “He had fish tanks full of heads ……….. he’s coming.”  – Michonne Yes, believe it or not Michonne speaks…….and that’s not even the best part of the episode. After somewhat of a letdown last week when The Walking Dead returned, we got an episode far more worthy of being […]

It’s been a long crazy trip but after nine months, the firing of series creator and show runner Dan Harmon, several false starts and somewhere between thirty and nine hundred rants by Chevy Chase, Community is back on television. NBC has done their damnedest to kill one of the sharpest, […]

  “The dead are everywhere. It’s only making the living….less like the living” – Tyreese Unfortunately, the return of The Walking Dead coincided quite uncooperatively with my busiest schedule of the year at work. This means a later and probably slightly shorter than usual review (I know, I know. PRIORITIES). However, […]

Shameless “El Gran Canon” The series picked up just a few months after last season’s finale. Fiona is working a job that even Mike Rowe wouldn’t spend a day doing. Lip is back in school and back inside Mandy on the reg. Ian is banging or getting banged by Harry […]

I was supposed to study screenwriting when I originally moved from the sleepy town of Iola, WI to Minneapolis, MN but financially I could work it out so instead I hung out with everyone else who was studying it. In retrospect I probably saved myself the debt by later becoming […]

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